Sometimes all you need is a bear

A few years ago, 12-year-old Campbell Remess came up with a brilliant way to help sick kids in hospital.

At the time, Campbell, or “Bumble” as most people call him, asked his mum Sonya if he could buy toys for all the children in the local hospital to cheer them up. “I told him that would be an expense we couldn't afford ‒ we have nine children ‒ so he decided to make them,” Sonya tells This Is Medtech.  

No time to lose: counting breaths, saving children’s lives

Pneumonia kills more children than and other infectious disease. Simple counting beads could speed up diagnosis – and increase survival rates

920,136 children. That is the number of kids who died of pneumonia in 2015. Nine hundred and twenty thousand, one hundred and thirty-six.

Young Amputee Dances Into Hearts on Prosthetic Pointe

Every young ballet student’s dream is a pair of toe shoes, the reward for years of training. When Gabi Shull won hers at age 14 the achievement inspired people worldwide – because one of Gabi’s satin slippers is on a prosthetic leg.

Graceful and pretty, with long dark hair tumbling down her back, the Missouri teen was just 9 when bone cancer was discovered in her knee. Doctors amputated the leg at mid-thigh. Then they reattached her foot and ankle backward to turn the foot into a knee.

Stolen childhoods: preventing teenage pregnancy

In some parts of Mexico, adolescents routinely find themselves rushed into parenthood 

To some, they are ‘runaway brides’ eloping in search of adventure and a new life. To others, they are children pressured into motherhood long before they are mature enough to cope.

Mexico’s teenage pregnancy rate is the highest in the OECD. By a lot. Teenage girls in Mexico are more than four times as likely as their counterparts in Europe to be pregnant before they reach their twenties.

How to mend a (real) broken heart

When a valve in Katja Jensen’s heart stopped working properly, doctors said surgery would be too risky. But doing nothing wasn’t an option, either.

Katja found out that her aortic valve had narrowed to one-third of its normal diameter after she started experiencing chest pain, shortness of breath and dizziness. The restriction of blood flow from her heart into her body was causing these symptoms, and something had to be done.

Normally, repairing the aortic valve of a 25-year-old would require heart surgery, but Katja’s case was unique.  

This MS patient welcomes an uphill climb

Avid mountaineer Ginty Telfer-Wilkes refuses to let multiple sclerosis get in the way of her sky-high pursuits. 

Since being diagnosed with the neurological condition last year, Ginty has made it her personal mission to show the world that people with multiple sclerosis (MS) can live life to the full. For her, this means that hiking and climbing in the Scottish highlands near her home are still very much on the cards.

Knocking asthma out of the ring

Usually people don’t associate asthma with professional athletes, but 11-year-old kickboxing champion Nathan Kelly, aka Nate the Great, smashes that stereotype to pieces.

Asthma is a condition that causes the air passages leading to and from the lungs to become inflamed and constricted. Despite being only five when he was diagnosed, Nathan has become a five-time National Kickboxing Champion in Ireland as well as a World Champion twice.