IVF and beyond: the world of mind-blowing baby tech

These days, there’s cutting edge technology for pretty much every aspect of baby planning, making and care.

From wellness apps for expectant moms, to mini-magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines that can scan babies’ brains, to new in vitro fertilisation (IVF) techniques for infertile women hoping to become pregnant, tech has got it covered.

Artificial intelligence and sensors: our picks for the best healthcare tech at CES

The digital era’s transformation of healthcare is on the way to be as revolutionary as it has been in retail, research, and media, based on innovations showcased at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show.

Held annually in Las Vegas, CES is one of the largest trade shows, drawing 170,000 people. This year’s CES Best of Innovations list included standout medtech developments combining sensors, artificial intelligence, voice recognition software, and smartphones to make healthcare more efficient and affordable.

In-house checkups

Mother and baby mortality: the silent pandemics

Dawlen Tirkey, a nurse who had just delivered a baby girl, was one of 45,000 Indian mothers to die after childbirth last year. In India, and elsewhere, the infant mortality numbers are even higher – but it doesn’t have to be like this. 

It was her second child. Dawlen had given birth to her son, Abhinaw at home almost 10 years previously in an uncomplicated home delivery. She and her husband, Manoj, decided to try for another child and were delighted to bring a new life into the world.

When blood donation gets personal

Natasha Louise Penney had always been aware of blood donation. But when her 18-month-old son was diagnosed with a rare form of bladder cancer, it took on a whole new meaning.

Suddenly, all those “give blood” campaigns, which many of us know about but don’t really think about, became very personal. On top of the chemotherapy, surgery and other treatments that often left little Sebastian weak and in excruciating pain, he needed regular blood transfusions.

This MS patient welcomes an uphill climb

Avid mountaineer Ginty Telfer-Wilkes refuses to let multiple sclerosis get in the way of her sky-high pursuits. 

Since being diagnosed with the neurological condition last year, Ginty has made it her personal mission to show the world that people with multiple sclerosis (MS) can live life to the full. For her, this means that hiking and climbing in the Scottish highlands near her home are still very much on the cards.

Knocking asthma out of the ring

Usually people don’t associate asthma with professional athletes, but 11-year-old kickboxing champion Nathan Kelly, aka Nate the Great, smashes that stereotype to pieces.

Asthma is a condition that causes the air passages leading to and from the lungs to become inflamed and constricted. Despite being only five when he was diagnosed, Nathan has become a five-time National Kickboxing Champion in Ireland as well as a World Champion twice.