It’s there when your child is delivered, it helps you see when your vision’s blurred, it keeps your father’s heart beating. It’s MedTech, and it’s the one “tech” you really can’t live without.

From pregnancy tests and artificial retinas to prosthetic legs and bionic exoskeletons, we cover the stories behind the MedTech that changes and saves lives and the people whose lives will never be the same because of it. We’re sponsored by MedTech Europe, the trade association for the medical technology industry in Europe, but we’re not here to sell products or brands or give health advice. Instead, we’re here to talk about the tech that weaves itself into our lives at the moments we’d least expect—we’re here to answer the question “what is MedTech”?

Our editorial team works with independent journalists from around the globe to cover the MedTech-centric stories other outlets tend to miss. We like to think of ourselves as one part tech blog, three parts family mag.

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Lisa Boch-Andersen Gael Bassetto